Daily Devotional 11-20-16

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TEARING DOWN THE WALL November 17, 2016 The Dean of Awesome Leave a comment By Ross Engel – In Berlin, Germany in 1987, former President Ronald Reagan emphatically declared, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” I was seven years old when that speech was given. I knew very little of the world, and even less about communism or the Cold War. What I did know was that, according to Rocky IV, Communism was bad and Russia was where the “bad guys” were. Darn you, Ivan...

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Daily Devotional 9-19-16

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You Can’t Hang With Jesus and Not His Friends By Joel Hess – I love Jesus but… Only a Butt says I love Jesus but… These days we often hear people say, “I love Jesus but…I don’t love his words.  I don’t like it when he tells me I commit adultery in my heart.  I don’t like it when he says, ‘no one comes to the Father except through me’. He must not have said that because I don’t like it. I love Jesus but…” And of course there is the ever...

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Daily Devotional 10-19-15

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Entering Rest October 18, 2015 By Paul Koch – The Word of God has a habit of taking us places we don’t really want to go. It can call for morality when we really want to follow our passions. It can expose sin when we are just starting to believe we are really getting better at living our lives on the narrow way. The Word of God can be a nuisance to the living of our lives. It is easier to set it aside, to use it only as a convenient prop. You know what I mean, we trot...

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