Daily Devotional 12-17-16

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CHRIST COMES IN OUR DARKEST HOUR WEEK FOUR: DECEMBER 18–24 Read Luke 2:11, 13–14. The greatest sermon ever preached was delivered by angels on this historic night. It has always been interesting to me that this message was delivered at night. It wasn’t night because the sun had gone down. It was night because the world was surrounded in spiritual and moral gloom.People were driven by greed, intolerance and lust for power. Religion had become a device for the rich in...

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Daily Devotional 12-16-16

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The live Nativity is always a favorite at Christmas at the Billy Graham Library. Do you know people who need to hear about God’s love and forgiveness? Billy Graham’s third Advent meditation focuses on sharing the true Christmas message. Week Three: December 11-17 Read Luke 2:8-10—On that first Christmas night, the angels appeared to shepherds on a hill near Bethlehem. Alfred Edersheim, the great 19th-century Jewish-Christian scholar, wrote in his book The Life and...

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