Daily Devotional 7-23-16

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Falling Away from the Gospel He Taught. Defense of His Teaching: His Apostolic Call Independent of Man. Judaizing teachers had persuaded the Galatians that Paul had taught them the new religion imperfectly, and at second hand; that the founder of their church himself possessed only a deputed commission, the seal of truth and authority being in the apostles at Jerusalem: moreover, that whatever he might profess among them, he had himself at other times, and in other places,...

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Daily Devotional 7-22-16

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RECONCILIATION. There are four important NT passages which treat of the work of Christ under the figure of reconciliation, namely, Rom. 5:10f.; 2 Cor. 5:18ff.; Eph. 2:11ff.; Col. 1:19ff. The important Gk. words are the noun katallagē and the verbs katallassō and apokatallassō. Reconciliation properly applies not to good relations in general but to the doing away of an enmity, the bridging over of a quarrel. It implies that the parties being reconciled were formerly...

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Daily Devotional 7-5-16

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To Remain Sexually Pure I Thessalonians 4:6: Though some commentators have concluded that Paul shifts subjects from sexual to business ethics or general behavior in this verse, there is little to indicate such a shift. The NIV’s translation, which indicates a continuation of the previous discussion, is almost certainly correct; τῴ πράγματι (tō pragmati) most naturally signifies the “matter” under discussion, not “business” or “any matter” (AV). As...

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Daily Devotional 6-21-16

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Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind (9:1–7)  Jesus, taking the initiative, notices a man blind from birth. It is not said how Jesus and his followers know that he has been blind from birth. Perhaps the Lord knew preternaturally, or maybe he simply asked him. Once this information is known the disciples treat the man’s condition as a theological problem. People commonly assumed that disease and disorders on both the personal and national level were due to sin, as summarized in...

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Daily Devotional 6-22-15

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Faith Comes by Hearing… 10:16–18. Paul had made it clear that God’s gracious offer of righteousness by faith was given to all, Jews and Gentiles alike (cf. v. 12). His focus in this chapter, however, has been on the people of Israel and their response to that offer (cf. v. 1). Therefore when he wrote, But not all the Israelites (the Gr. text simply says “all”) accepted the good news, he obviously had in mind the Jews’ failure to respond. (“Accepted”...

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