Daily Devotional 10-4-16

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SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTIANS AND THEIR PASTORS October 4, 2016 A Voice in the Wasteland Leave a comment By Joel A. Hess – Time and time again, I have had the privilege of advising my beautiful flock on determining God’s will in their lives. With great sincerity, they ask me how to decipher which college God wants them to attend, which career or job they should pursue, and even which person God wants them to marry! It is definitely a privilege to have God’s people look to...

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Daily Devotional 9-19-16

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You Can’t Hang With Jesus and Not His Friends By Joel Hess – I love Jesus but… Only a Butt says I love Jesus but… These days we often hear people say, “I love Jesus but…I don’t love his words.  I don’t like it when he tells me I commit adultery in my heart.  I don’t like it when he says, ‘no one comes to the Father except through me’. He must not have said that because I don’t like it. I love Jesus but…” And of course there is the ever...

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Daily Devotional 8-25-16

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Stop Looking Down! By Joel A. Hess – Western society is obsessed with living here for as long as possible. The manifestations of this focus at first seem grand and hopeful. We spend tons of money to cure diseases. We spend billions putting people on Mars. We can talk to our parents in Michigan while living in Prague. We can watch the Olympics in Rio from our living room in Ann Arbor. We have done so many cool things that many truly put all their hope in our...

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