Daily Devotional 2-9-17

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A Grace that Commands The Swiss theologian is rightly questioned on several key assertions in his dogmatics, but I cannot help but applaud him here: “The call to discipleship binds a person to the One who calls him. He is not called by an idea of Christ, or a Christology, or a Christocentric system of thought, let alone the supposedly Christian conception of a Father – God. How could these call him to discipleship? They have neither words nor voice. They cannot bind...

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Daily Devotional 12-23-16

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Restoring Wonder to Christmas: A Sermon on the Star C.S. Lewis said that science has the notes to the poem. But in the Bible, we have the poem itself. And the miracle of miracles for C.S. Lewis began with the Incarnation: God became Man. Yet, we can sometimes get hung up on the notes to the poem, particularly with the scientific details of the parts of the story that remain mysterious to us. Take the Star of Bethlehem, for instance. Was it a comet? Was it a supernova? I have...

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Daily Devotional 12-11-16

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Third Sunday in Advent: The Unexpected Visitors (What the Magi Teach Us) ISTANBUL, TURKEY – MAY 15, 2014 -Journey of the Magi, and arrival before Herod, mosaic, Outer Narthex, Chora Church (Kariye Museum) in Istanbul, Turkey. Image license © 2016 Faith for Living, Inc. I used to have a Hebrew professor who would give us a passage in the Hebrew. We were to translate it and then interpret it. I gave this one sermon, which was just outstanding, I thought. And the class also...

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Daily Devotional 11-19-16

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Let’s Take Back Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Proclamation, Governor Samuel Adams, Massachusetts, 1796. As our school-children know, Thanksgiving extends all the way back to the very founding settlements of the English-speaking Christians in what is now New England and Virginia. Edward Winslow, for example, wrote in his journal about the first Thanksgiving in that first harvest season in the New World in 1621. These Thanksgiving worship services continued through those...

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Daily Devotional 10-1-16

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October 1, 2016 What is it? Manna for Hungry Hearts Image: William Wetmore Store, 1894 “Angel of Grief,” from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. Have you ever wondered, “I just don’t know how we are going to make it;” but then you do? Many of you know that I contracted a disease from a ministry trip to Africa in 2010. I continued to serve a seminary as president and chancellor for four more years, but my...

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