Daily Devotional 8-14-16

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BIBLE SURVEY – HOSEA (Part III) Peace, Prosperity and Corruption Under King Jeroboam II, Israel was enjoying political peace and material prosperity, but moral corruption and spiritual bankruptcy was undermining the kingdom. After Jeroboam II’s death in 753 B.C., anarchy prevailed and Israel declined rapidly. Four of Israel’s next six kings were assassinated by their successors. 20 Years after the death of Jeroboam II, Assyria conquered Israel. Idolatry and...

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Daily Devotional 8-13-16

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BIBLE SURVEY – HOSEA (Part II) Love is Loyal Love is not true love unless it is loyal, exclusive and faithful. The English word betrothed seeks to encapsulate the Hebrew word used in Hosea to describe Covenant Faithful Love. God rescued the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. He provided for them, protected them and blessed them. In response, Israel was required to joyfully respond to God’s commands, delighting in His Law and worshipping God in grateful...

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Daily Devotional 8-12-16

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BIBLE SURVEY – HOSEA “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6 The Book of Hosea is about God’s steadfast love for His people in spite of their continued unfaithfulness, vividly depicted by Hosea’s marital experience. The Holiness of God, the depravity of man, the seriousness of sin, the inevitability of judgment and the amazing grace of God are strikingly portrayed throughout the Book of Hosea. The Prodigal Wife Hosea...

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