Daily Devotional 1-18-17

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Word on Wednesday – by John Mason ‘Transition…’  January 18, 2017 On April 27 last year I remarked on the significant decisions that would be made at the polls in the second half of the year. In the United Kingdom: to exit or to remain in the European Union. In the USA: the election of a new president and representatives in both Houses of Congress. As we know, the unexpected occurred: Britain voted Brexit and Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as the...

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Daily Devotional 1-16-17

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YOU CAN’T GET MORE HOLY Everything in life is about progress, right? Civilized people desire to make everything better. From running to skipping, from skiing on the bunny hill to taking the double black diamonds, humanity cheers improvement. There is nothing wrong with that. We should be good stewards of God’s gifts and use them for others to the best of our ability.   However, holiness doesn’t work like that. Neither does salvation or righteousness. We can never...

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Daily Devotional 1-15-17

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Lord, Increase My Capacity to Love Article by Jon Bloom Staff writer, desiringGod.org Do people know that we are Jesus’s disciples by the way we love one another (John 13:35)? This is a good question, though perhaps not the best way to ask it. The use of the plural “we” can have an unhelpful distancing effect. For instance, I might be prone to answer with a general critique of the state of love in “the church” and shake my head and lament how far “we” have...

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Daily Devotional 1-14-17

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Everything Old is New Again: An Epiphany Meditation What do we do with the losses? Where do they go? Are there emotional injuries that can never heal? A singer-songwriter used moving lyrics and music to describe the way that many of us feel as we move through life and find that losses build up, without resolution or healing: “I left a trail of footprints deep in the snow I swore one day I would retrace them But when I turned around I found that the wind Had erased them Now...

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Daily Devotional 1-13-17

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CERTAIN OF THE CALL How does one know that they are saved? Where can the Christian turn for any ground of certainty before God on Judgment Day? As a pastor, these questions are often found in the fear-filled voices of guilt-ridden Christians in my study. Lead a Bible study on Romans 9-11 sometime and watch fear fill the eyes as folks realize God is actually, actually, sovereign over salvation. If He loved Jacob and hated Esau, what hope do I have that my love for stew...

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