Daily Devotional 9-18-16

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September 18, 2016 The Biggest Temple in Town Article by David Mathis Executive Editor, desiringGod.org Few seemingly neutral realities today claw for our hearts like sports and athletics. Many Christians aren’t allured in the least by spectator sports. God bless you. But for those of us who claim Jesus as Lord and also get hyped about our favorite teams, we need a regular soul-check. And especially at the onset of football season. Sports and athletic competitions are...

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Daily Devotional 6-27-16

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Ask Your Child to Forgive You I will never forget my father asking for my forgiveness. Few moments, if any, were as arresting, as moving, and as unforgettable as when Pop admitted to me — at age five or seven or ten — that he had overreacted, and that he was sorry. I was most moved, at least in every case I remember, because I was not an innocent victim. My disobedience, rebellion, and immaturity were the catalyst for our clashes. I had sinned first, and I knew I was in...

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