Daily Devotions 5-17-18

The popular idea is that this world is real, exciting, and fulfilling, but the next world to come is not real or fulfilling. But the Bible teaches just the opposite, that it is this world that is vague, unfulfilling, and ultimately not real, and the next world of eternity is what is exciting, fulfilling, and real.
– Douglas Taylor
The Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. He is the ultimate reality, not death. And he has won for all whose trust is in him a delightful future. There will be no more sickness; no more death; no more sobs; no more partings. We will love and play and leap for joy without the interference of sin. All that causes us pain, shame and regret will be banished for ever. We will enjoy ego-free hearts, with no self-pity and grumbling excuses. We will never have confused minds again and will have disease-free bodies. We will see God in Jesus Christ and be loved by the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and will fully know that we are loved. We will enjoy what is most enjoyable with unbounded energy and passion for ever and ever. We will rest and work, we will worship and create, and will renew old friendships with the purest delight. We will want that life to go on for ever and it will. That is the hope that every believer in Jesus Christ has in death and eternity.
– Geoff Thomas