Daily Devotional 9-7-18

Man’s Problem Today

Man today, as we know full well, not only believes he is being led by his mind , but he rejects God because of his mind and understanding. He laughs at religion, he laughs at those who denounce this worldly view of life. He lives for the present; it is the one thing that counts. And he believes that is a rational point of view to take. He proves it to his own satisfaction and is convinced that he is led by his mind.

But he does not realize that the light that is in him has become dark. He does not see that various forces are controlling and drugging his mind which is no longer operating freely and rationally. But at the end he will come to see it; at the end he will come to himself like the Prodigal Son of old. Suddenly he will see that the things in which he trusted were dark, and have misled him, and that he has lost everything – the light in him is darkness and how great is that darkness!

There is nothing worse than that, to discover at the end that the very thing to which you pinned your faith is the one thing that has let you down; that is one of the most subtle deeds of Satan. He persuades a man that by denying God he is being rational, but as we have seen already several times, what is really happening is that he makes him a creature of lust and desire whose mind is blinded; the greatest faculty of all in man has become perverted.

We should examine ourselves constantly in the light of the Word. And if we are not reading it in such a way as to be examined by it, we are not reading it correctly. We must face these things. Do I take the whole message of the Scriptures? Am I taking the whole counsel of God?  Do I accept the teaching concerning the wrath of God? Am I as ready to believe in the righteousness of God as in his mercy; in the justice and holiness of God as well as in His compassion and long-suffering?  That is the question. The characteristic of the false believer is that he does not face it all; he just picks out what he wants and likes, and ignores the rest. In other words his outstanding characteristic always is the that he never faces completely and honesty the nature of sin, and the effects of sin, in the light of the holiness of God.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones