Daily Devotional 9-17-18

Why the Celtic Cross?

St Martin’s Cross (from the 9th century). Iona, Scotland, Great Britain

Why the Celtic Cross in Trinity Chapel Charlotte (Presbyterian Church, ARP)
literature? This cross is more correctly, “Saint Martin’s cross,” or “the Iona cross.” Located on the Isle of Iona, in the Inner Hebrides, Strathclyde region, Scotland, this great cross marks the place where Saint Columba (521-597) brought the Gospel (563) to a land without Christ. The Celtic Cross speaks of One in Three; ancient, but ever new; ordered, but spontaneous; plain, but artistic; quiet, but yet speaking; reverent, but joyful; mysterious, but open; leaving our own place to help others find their true home; seeking to establish Something by the power of Someone greater than the sum of ourselves; and finding ourselves by losing ourselves in a divine vision, which will endure throughout all generations. This cross helps all who enter the community to recalibrate faith and life in Jesus Christ, who paid for our sins on a cross. This is why we have staked this claim. This is why we say, “This is our parish. This is our home.” And this is why we employ the Celtic Cross to express our faith in Jesus Christ and His Great Commission. We welcome you to rest, to seek, to discover, to learn, to give, to die to yourself and find eternal life in God through His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the message of the cross at Trinity Chapel.