Daily Devotional 9-16-14

Pride and Unbelief

Above all, we must take heed that we lay aside the sins which most easily besets us, the sin which through age, habit, tastes, feelings or disposition, possesses the greatest power over us. I know of two sins which are always right at our elbows, which try the most advanced Christians even to the end–these are pride and unbelief.

Pride in our own differences from others, pride in our reputation as Christians, pride in our spiritual attainments, and then unbelief–unbelief about our own sinfulness, and about God’s wisdom and His mercy. These two sins–pride and unbelief–are heavy burdens and do keep us back. Very few saints really know they are carrying them and few indeed are those who will not discover them at the very bottom of their hearts, waiting to come out.

– J. C. Ryle