Daily Devotional 8-18-17

The Power of Christ in Word and Sacraments

From the Old Testament Reading Ninth Wednesday after Trinity

“And the king commanded all the people, saying, Keep the passover unto the LORD your God, as it is written in the Book of this Covenant” (2 Kings 23:21).

“Moreover the workers with familiar spirits, and the wizards, and the images, and the idols, and all the abominations that were spied in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem, did Josiah put away, that he might perform the words of the law which were written in the book that Hilkiah the priest found in the house of the LORD” (2 Kings 23:24).

Josiah faithfully restored both Word and Sacrament to Israel. The restoration of genuine faith in the One true God of the “Book of the Covenant” not only encouraged the People. We see that it brought supernatural power that disrupted the earthly powers that were tethered to the devil. The superstitious practices were put to shame.

When the Word of God and the right administration of the Sacraments are preeminent and practiced with true Faith in the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the blight of superstition and wickedness of the flesh loses its appeal and its power. Why? For the Word and Sacrament presents the Person of Jesus of Nazareth, the only begotten of the Father, who is the Lord over all lesser powers.

Faithfully read your Bible with prayer and meditation. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ in worship. Come not as a spectator but come to pay your “tribute” of gratitude in love. “Taste and see…” the goodness of God and if the lesser powers that compete for your heart and soul are not diminished by the glory of the risen Christ. They will be. Let the restoration in Josiah’s day, in Luther’s day, in Wesley’s and in your own grandparents’ day, be unleaded in your life.

This is the lesson for today.