Daily Devotional 8-13-14

Comfort in the Midst of Confusion, Pt 2

God’s absolute and unconditional sovereignty is revealed to us in the Scriptures for our comfort and reassurance. We are never asked to resolved intellectually the apparent conflict between human responsibility and divine sovereignty. We are asked (actually commanded) to live by faith and not by sight. Trusting God is the essence of the believing life–trusting that He is truly good, that He is always wise, that He is never absent from the lives and circumstances of His blood-bought children.

There are times, perhaps even many times, when our personal and family circumstances seem to contradict the biblical teaching that our God is sovereign. The Psalmists are often searingly honest in their cries to God. They never pretend that the life of faith is without doubts or fears. But again and again they take comfort from knowing that their covenant Lord is neither indifferent to their cries or helpless to meet their needs. Sometimes the Psalms end with renewed assurance. Sometimes they end with unresolved tensions. But always the Psalmists cling to God and confess Him to be their God.

We live in troubled and turbulent times; good is called evil and evil is called good. We are living out as a nation the awful and immense consequences of turning away from God’s truth. Can things get worse? Yes–just read your Bible. But no matter how bad things get, no matter how rampantly wickedness struts across the land, still the Lord reigns, so let God’s people rejoice and let the earth tremble.

Of all people, Christians should live with poise amidst the prevailing wickedness. Take time today to ponder the Lord’s unabridged sovereignty. Allow this truth to inform your mind and quiet your heart. Live by faith, not by sight, faith in who our God is.

– Ian Hamilton