Daily Devotional 8-1-15

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No Creation

by Curtis Crenshaw

© Curtis I. Crenshaw 31 July 2015

Once we gave up the doctrine of creation, we have been gaining momentum in our downward moral free-fall. The dominoes are falling faster. It has been said that the first verse of the Bible contains the whole Bible. If we believe “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” everything else is downhill. Is it any wonder that Satan has attacked that part of the Bible more than anything else? Evolution rules the day, and if anyone challenges it scientifically, the pseud-pundits turn into piranha, devouring everything in sight with emotional frenzy. Logic goes out the window, as does science, hate comes in, and the scientists rail against anything Christian, or anything that challenges their mental darkness, such as Intelligent Design. Truly we can see the Apostle John’s words in action: “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19). We can see LGBT people and evolutionists screaming out in rage against moral and scientific truth, and “screaming” is the operative word. The implication of creation is judgment by the infinite, personal Triune God. Men love their sin; ergo, creation must go.

So what has happened since Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species went public? There were many who took evolution to its logical conclusion. Papers on eugenics[1] were being written by the hundreds on both sides of the pond, with the idea that if random chance made humans so superior to other animals on planet earth, what would happen if we humans controlled our own evolution. Nietzsche said that God was dead, by which he meant that we are now in charge of our own fates and that if evolution is true, there is absolutely no morality except what we humans choose for ourselves. Thus,  fellow humans are now candidates for guinea pigs, for the end now justifies the means.

The idea of the Superman came from Nietzsche, a superhuman who could advance mankind to another level. In philosophy I read his Joyful Wisdom, which was neither joyful nor wise. Nietzsche wanted to take evolution very seriously so he said we should be able to kill with no conscience, just as nature does. There is nothing transcendent to nature; death is a large part of what nature is about, which is improving the human species by death and reproduction through the survival of the fittest; thus we should understand the implications of these things. There is no Christian God; He is now dead. There is no morality, just interpretations; and the most vocal imposes their morality on the rest. Now that God is gone, there is no truth (and that is true), so we must have “the revaluation of all values.” We must eliminate all Christian vestiges from our societies, to stop fooling ourselves that there is something when there is nothing, for that holds back “progress.” Each individual is his own god, his own morality, and whatever promotes this is good, and whatever challenges this is bad. Nietzsche wanted to rid us of the idea of morality as submission or obedience, for there is nothing above us. We should embrace our animal instincts to survive, such as aggression, which is what we see the animals doing. (It is fitting that Nietzsche spent the last ten years of his life absolutely insane, dying in 1900, having been taken care of by his sister.)

Nietzsche drew the conclusion from evolution that the weak should be eliminated, and especially that they should not be pitied, for pity is weakness. [2] Christianity supports the weak and has mercy or pity on them, which Nietzsche despised and found contemptible. In fact, the law of the survival of the fittest demands that we do not have pity or exercise compassion on the weak, such as those with handicaps. Evolution eliminates these in nature, and so should we, Nietzsche reasoned. If we did not spend so much time and money on helping the weak but in promoting the strong, mankind could advance much faster, and who knows what kind of super-race that we will become.

We know that Hitler visited the place of Nietzsche’s death, and that he admired Nietzsche greatly. We further know that Hitler was interested in eugenics from the experiments he performed on Jews and other undesirables. But Nietzsche and Hitler were not the only ones who denied creation and promoted eugenics.

Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood (What a euphemism!), also wanted to eliminate undesirables from the human race. In founding Planned Parenthood, she stated: “More children from the fit; less from the unfit—that is the chief issue of birth control.”[3] Have you noticed that most of Planned Parenthood’s death mills are in minority neighborhoods? Now you know why.


[1] Allegedly improving genetic human features through artificial human breeding and manipulating of human genes.

[2] Alister Kee, Nietzsche Against the Crucified, ch. 7, “The Will to Power.”

[3] Richard Weikart, From Darwin to Hitler, p. 135, excellent historical research. For an excellent work on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, you must read George Grant, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood. These books are MUST reading.