Daily Devotional 5-4-18

Looking Forward to Heaven

I do live expecting great things in the life that is ripening for me and all mine, when we shall have all the universe for our own, and be good helpful children in the great house of our Father, when we are all just as loving and unselfish as Jesus, when like Him, our one thought of delight is that God is, and is what He is–then, darling, you and I will have grand liberty wherewith Christ makes free, opening His hand to send us out like white doves to range the universe.
– George McDonald, letter to his dying daughter
I haven’t been cheated out of being a complete person–I’m just going through a forty-year delay, and God is with me even through that. Being “glorified”–I know the meaning of that now. It’s the time, after my death here, when I’ll be on my feet dancing. – Joni Eareckson Tada
I may not long for death, but I do long for heaven. – Joseph Bayly
I’ve never been to heaven, yet I miss it. Eden’s in my blood. The best things of life are souvenirs from Eden, appetizers of the New Earth. There are just enough of them to keep us going, but never enough to make us satisfied with the world as it is or satisfied with ourselves as we are. We live between Eden and the New Earth, pulled toward what we once were and what we yet will be.
— Randy Alcorn