Daily Devotional 5-18-14

Redeemed souls must expect no final rest or satisfaction on this side of heaven and the full enjoyment of God. The life of a believer in tho world is a life of motion and expectation–they are now coming to God (1 Peter 2:4). God, you see, is the center and rest of their souls (Hebrews 4:9).
As the rivers cannot rest until they pour themselves into the bosom of the sea, so neither can renewed souls find rest until they come into the bosom of God. Christ’s bringing home of all believers unto God will be matter of unspeakable joy to themselves. For whatever knowledge and acquaintance they had with God here, whatever sights of faith they had of heaven and the glory to come in this world, yet the sight of God and Christ the Redeemer will be an unspeakable surprise to them in that day. This will be the day of relieving all their needs, the day of satisfaction to all their desires, for now they are come where they would be, arrived at the very desire of their souls.
It is true that some wicked men die in seeming peace and some godly men die in seeming trouble, but both are mistaken; the wicked is wrong as to the good estate he fancies himself in and the godly is mistaken as to the bad estate he thinks he is in. But a moment in eternity will clear up the mistake of both.
Repentance will cost you more than a few cheap words against sin.
We should call our hearts to account every evening and say, ‘O my heart! Where have you been today? Where have your thoughts been wandering? Where have you made a road today? O naughty heart, vain heart! Could you not abide by the fountain of delights? Is there better entertainment with the creature than with God himself?
– John Flavel