Daily Devotional 5-17-14

The Free Offer of Christ, the Only Provision of Righteousness
I beseech you to be persuaded that here you are to work nothing and do nothing, or render anything to God, but only receive the treasure, which is Jesus Christ, and apprehend Him by faith in your heart, although you are so great a sinner, and you shall obtain forgiveness of sins, righteousness, and eternal happiness, not by doing but by receiving only.
This then is perfect righteousness, only to know and believer that Jesus Christ is now gone to the Father and sits at His right hand, not as a judge, but is made for you by God wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.
Be persuaded in your heart that Jesus Christ is yours, and that you shall have life and salvation by Him, that whatever Christ did for the redemption of mankind, He did it for you.
– Edward Fisher