Daily Devotional 5-16-18

Some Thoughts on Death, Pt 3
Those who have welcomed Christ can welcome death.
The day of a believer’s death is better than their birthday.
Jesus Christ has abolished death in the gospel.
Death has been conquered fully and finally by the cross.
When death strikes the Christian down, he falls into heaven.
The death of the righteous is a sweet sorrow, but it is a sorrow.
To die well is a big deal.
About Jacob, the Bible says that when dying, Jacob blessed his sons and worshipped. What a way to die, for your dying act to be to bless your children and worship God!
Is it not a dangerous thing to live in a condition for even one hour that you would not want to die in?
“Behold, the days approach when you must die.” – Deut. 31:14
Every time you see a cemetery, it is preaching to you, “Your body will soon be here.”
The readiness which Christ calls us to is a personal readiness to leave this world and be with Him.
If you are not a Christian, what are you going to do when death comes calling? Where will you go, what will you do then?
– Mack Tomlinson