Daily Devotional 5-14-18

Some Thoughts on Death, Pt 2
Moses calls death a “flying away” (Ps. 90), David calls it a precious thing to God, Solomon calls it a better day, Paul calls it a departure, a gain, and an instantaneous “absent from/present with” reality; Peter calls it a putting off of the earthly, and Hebrews 9:27 calls it an appointment.
Death is not the end, but the beginning of the eternal realm for everyone.
To God belong the issues of death, and to Jesus Christ belong the keys of death.
Death takes no bribes.
By God’s decree, death is on your life’s calendar already.
“The living know they will die.” – Solomon
“Man does not know his time.” – Solomon
Death is experienced by everyone by themselves.
God controls the exact event of everyone’s death–how, when, where, the day, hour and moment for everyone.
Two things everyone must do alone–come to Christ and die.
Death is a soon certainty.
Nothing is more certain that the fact of your death, and nothing is more uncertain that the time of your death.
How many people wake up on a beautiful morning and do not know that it is their last day to live?
The only wise way to face death is not the fear of death but the fear of God, not procrastination, but repentance.
We must look upon death as an appointment we will keep, an experience we will have, and look upon this world as a place we will leave. 
For the Christian, Christ has turned the last enemy of death into a friend because death serves us up to Jesus and escorts us into His presence.
To be continued-
Mack Tomlinson