Daily Devotional 5-12-18

Some Thoughts on Death, Pt 1

We should give much more thought to the reality of death and its implications than we do. Here are some miscellaneous reflections on the great issue of death.

– The Bible is the only book that can prepare us to die well.
– The day of your death is fast approaching.
– Every morning you wake up is one day closer to your one-way flight into eternity.
– John Wesley said, “Our people (the early Methodists) die well.”
– We will all experience death up-close and personal more and more in the future.
– Death takes no vacation, no breaks, doesn’t sleep, and doesn’t stop.
– It is appointed to man once to die, and after that, the judgment.
– The most foolish thing a believer and an unbeliever can do is to give no thought to preparing for death.
– Do you ever think about death and preparing for it?
– Any person who does not prepare for death is worse than a fool.
– There is no one so old but they think they will live years longer, and those who are young think and act like they will live forever.
– Death gives no notice, sends out no posts or tweets, and has no FaceBook friends. 
– Young people die as surely and as easily as old people.
– We must become acquainted with how the Bible views death.
– We have all heard it said at a funeral, “Don’t they look good?” In the casket, no one looks good anymore because death has removed life and any good looks.
– Death is the physical door which releases the real person into eternity.
To be continued
Mack Tomlinson