Daily Devotional 12-7-14

As He Said unto You

He goes before you into Galilee; there shall ye see Him, as He said unto you. (Mark 16:7)
Where Christ appointed to meet His disciples, there He would be in due time. Jesus keeps His trust. If He promises to meet us at the mercy seat or in public worship, or in the ordinances, we may depend upon it that He will be there. We may wickedly stay away from the appointed meeting place, but He never does. He says, “Where two or three meet together in my name, there am I”; he does not say, “There will I be”, but “I am there already.” Jesus is always first in fellowship: “He goes before you.” His heart is with His people, His delight is in them, and He is never slow to meet them.
In all fellowship He goes before us. But He reveals Himself to those who come after Him: “There shall you see Him.” Joyful sight! We care not to see the greatest of mere men, but to see Him is to be filled with joy and peace. And we shall see Him, for He promises Himself to us. Rest assured that it will be so, for He does everything according to His word of promise. Catch His last words there: “As He said unto you.” Be assured that to the end He will do for you “as He said unto you.”
– C. H. Spurgeon