Daily Devotional 12-2-14

Don’t Wander

Are you indeed Christ’s sheep? Then beware of wandering from the pasture He has provided. The devil and the flesh would often persuade you there is no need for this diligence in using God’s means of grace: “Surely,” they will say, “you are not such a babe that you cannot leave these fields for a short time; surely you don’t need to keep so closely in the Shepherd’s sight.”
Christian, take heed and beware of the charmer and the charm he uses ever so wisely. Diligent private prayer, diligent searching of the Scriptures, and diligent hearing of the gospel—these are the pastures in which Jesus feeds His flock, and if you turn aside, if you become slack in using them, be sure your soul will soon starve for lack of its accustomed nourishment, and you will return to the fold weak, lean, and diseased. Don’t wander!
– J. C. Ryle