Daily Devotional 12-13-14

By Faith, Caleb — A Call to Older Christians

There have always been a few saints, like Caleb, who have not been satisfied with less that all that God has for his own children. We read in the Bible that he had “another spirit”. In our churches today, our need is not another building or program, but another spirit. We were excited about going to the moon, perhaps to hide our embarrassment on not knowing how to live on earth. Yet the greatest of all unexplored worlds lies before us, and that is the life that is hid with Christ in God. The average Christian has barely set foot on the fringe of that world. We are digging as never before into the treasures of the material universe, but in the spiritual world, we are still in kindergarden, although we should be in graduate school.
Caleb was 85 years old and he was wholly following the Lord his God. He carried out a purpose. He was not following with “ifs”, “what ifs”, and reservations with one hand behind his back and his fingers crossed. All of him was going in one direction. Caleb claimed a promise because God had promised him a mountain, and now he was laying claim to it. For Caleb, a promise from God was not a motto to hang on a wall, but a check to cash and now he was ready to cash it. He asked, “Give me this mountain!” Caleb was not asking for a molehill or a retirement pension. This old soldier had no intention of just fading away. He did not say, “I’ve had my day, I’ll step aside and let the younger ones take over while I just remember the good old days.”
Caleb made one all-inclusive decision: to wholly follow the Lord his God. That decision covered all other subsequent choices. When a man makes that high resolve, all else falls into place. Mountains that once stood in his way become his possessions. But “wholly” means completely. There are no “ifs” or reservations. It is not half-hearted or part-time allegiance. Churches are filled with spiritual sluggards whose hearts are not in it. We need saints who are Calebs, who have another spirit, then we will be capturing mountains instead of stumbling over molehills. We need Calebs who are sturdy old soldiers who refuse to fade away, but insist on claiming the promises of God, while others sit in retirement, content to remembering the past. Caleb indeed remembered the past, but it was a trumpet call in the present. He was not out to write his memoirs, but to win mountains.There are Hebrons to be captured and giants of Anak to be slain, and few of such victories will be won by new recruits. Some victories are reserved for veterans who have wholly followed the Lord their God.
– Vance Havner