Daily Devotional 10-29-15

A Call to Men Everywhere
FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS, volume 14, number 44, October 29, 2015

“Act like men” -1 Corinthians 16:12

Our family has a tradition of taking in a movie on each Christmas afternoon. After opening gifts and eating all day, we have long enjoyed a movie together. This past Christmas we saw American Sniper, the story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the expert marksman credited with well over one hundred and sixty kills while serving with our military in Iraq. At one point in the movie, Kyle is lying in bed with his wife, preparing the next day for his third or fourth tour of duty. His wife wants to know why he is going back. “Don’t you love me and our children? Haven’t you done your duty to your country?” Kyle says that he must go back to his brothers and protect them. That scene captures the real essence of manhood. Men are created by God to protect those whom they love. Eve was made from the rib of man to be beside him. Abraham went after Lot to rescue him from King Chedorlaomer. David killed Goliath who was mocking the God of Israel and His army. Jesus laid down His life for His brothers and sisters.

It is time for men to heed the Apostle Paul’s exhortation, “Act like men.” What does that mean? In 1 Samuel 4 we find that Israel, which had long enjoyed one military victory after another, going back a few hundred years to Joshua conquering the pagan nations in the Promised Land, went into battle against their perennial enemies, the Philistines. This time, however, they were routed. The leaders were aghast. What had gone wrong? They surmised that they had failed to bring the Ark of the Covenant, the presence of God, into battle with them. So they fetched the Ark from Shiloh and brought it into the camp. The army of Israel rejoiced with loud shouts which the Philistine army, not too far away, heard. Immediately the Philistines were struck with fear, knowing the mighty power of Yahweh, who through Joshua, worked to defeat all the pagan nations. They knew they could never stand against such a God. Their leaders said however, “Take courage and be men, O Philistines, or you will become slaves of the Hebrews, as they have been slaves to you; therefore be men and fight,” (1 Samuel 4:9). So to act like men is to live courageously, to fight, to provide for, to defend those who are weak and defenseless. Refusal will undoubtedly lead to servitude.

Men want to live for something bigger than themselves. Real men fight to protect their families and others who cannot defend themselves. Do we not see this in the two Marines who over powered the Moroccan Muslim terrorist on that train in France a few weeks ago? Do we not see this in the student soldier who stood against the terrorist at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, saying that he could not come into that particular classroom? He was shot five times and still survived.

The western male has been emasculated by political correctness, the intellectual elite, and feminism. The Umpqua Community College was a gun free zone. That is utterly mindless. If the soldier has been allowed to carry a weapon then he no doubt would have taken care of business, saving many of those students who were killed. Man has largely abdicated his God ordained responsibility to protect and provide for his family and the defenseless. Men too often act like women, doing emotional strip tease acts, pouring out their insecurities to anyone who will listen. They convince themselves that their porn addiction is no big deal. They resist doing what they know is right. They have an unwillingness to work hard, perhaps taking on a second job, to sacrifice so that their young wives can stay home to rear their children.

Men need to act like men in at least two major categories. First in leading the family. The man’s job is to love his wife and children with sacrificial love. Simply put, if a time comes when financial and material resources are limited or threatened, the man is the first one to make the sacrifice. He goes without food. He goes without his own creaturely comforts. He sacrifices his own desires, motives, inclinations, time, and money for the good of his family. Men, if you have a porn addiction, get rid of it. Act like a man. Do something about it. Stop babying yourself. Stop blaming your father who mistreated or neglected you. Get over it. Get help somewhere. The best counselor I know in this regard is Ryan Bailey.[1] Contact him!

And second, it is time we act like men in the work of the gospel. Men are not to be cowards. We are to move toward the sound of the guns. We are to enter the fray. Men, you need a challenge. Many of you are bored with your church. It has become a country club where all you are expected to do is to plop, pray, and pay. You want more than that, don’t you? You want something bigger than yourself. Here it is-if we do not wake up we will lose our country. Our President is a weak, impotent, effeminate, pro-Muslim pseudo leader who is selling our nation down the river. He is a wimp before Putin. We have lost respect in the world. Our allies can no longer count on us. Our President is continually stripping us of our rights and we are largely standing by and letting it happen. When are we going to rise up and do something? Enough wringing of the hands and lamenting the situation.

What should we do? In the political and social realm, I challenge some of you men to run for political office. Think big, begin small. Run for local government. Make a difference right where you are and stay faithful to Biblical principles. Don’t be like so many in Washington who sell their souls to stay in office. Please God and don’t worry about pleasing men. Fight for the weak and defenseless. Fight for your wives, children, and grandchildren. And in the spiritual realm, use the weapons of our warfare which are divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. And what are those weapons? Prayer, evangelism, and making disciples of all the nations. Here’s my challenge in this regard-find a group of five men and pray weekly for one hour. Pray for revival. Ask God to burden you with the lost. Ask Him to awaken you from your worldly, deathly slumber. Ask Him to give you the courage to speak of Jesus to those around you. Stop being effeminate. Act like a man. And when you grow in this manner then God will give you power to lead your family sacrificially. You will gain an intolerable burden. You will begin to experience joy like never before. That’s because you will then be living as you should all along.
1. Ryan Bailey 404-421-8120