Daily Devotional 10-17-14

Sorrows and Christian Comfort

This July, Iain and Jean Murray received the news while in Edinburgh about the sudden death of their 51 year old son, Jonathan Iain, who died at age 51 in July from a brain aneurism in his sleep at home in Australia. Iain and Jean could not attend the funeral, since he was in the hospital for surgery the day of the funeral.  

Also, dear Mark Webb, beloved pastor and wonderful preacher in Olive Branch, Miss., lost his dear wife, Linda, to a long battle with cancer this week. She passed into the presence of the Lord surrounded by family and angels surely, on Thursday morning.
Please remember these two dear families in prayer.
The Murrays were comforted by these words from Samuel Medley’s hymn in light of their dear son’s passing—
God shall alone the refuge be,
And comfort to my mind;
Too wise to be mistaken, He, 
Too good to be unkind.
In all his holy, sovereign will,
He is, I daily find
Too wise to be mistaken still
Too good to be unkind.
Hereafter He will make me know,
And I shall surely find,
He was too wise to err, and O,
too good to be unkind.
There is only one comforter and true refuge at times of such sorrowour God and Saviour, Christ Jesus, who alone can bear us through all life brings. Only the Christian can be more than a conqueror at such times, solely because of the One who loves us.
– Mack Tomlinson