What’s Next?

The most important thing to start doing is reading the Bible and prayer.

Prayer is communicating with God. We confess our sins, express our beliefs to Him forthrightly holding nothing back from within the depths of our souls. The Lord will speak to your heart and His word is confirmed by what He says in the Bible. You must plan to spend plenty of time, at least 30 minutes if not an hour, in prayer daily.  You are a new creature and you must begin to act like it which means reading the Bible and praying extensively.

The Bible is the living God’s Word to us; it has life in itself. As you read it your mind will be renewed, your soul fed, and you will ultimately mature as a Christian through extensive knowledge, understanding and application of the Bible.

God gives us His Spirit at our new birth and this Sprit is what teaches us the truth of what the Bible is saying. When you read the Bible ask the Lord to teach you what He wants you to know about Himself as you read.  God has taken the responsibility to teach us and our responsibility is to pray and read the Bible.  If you do not have a Bible please contact us and we will help you get one.

You will ultimately need to find a place to fellowship which is called a Church. At the Church you will find fellowship and Lord willing Biblical teaching. Find a Bible believing church (click here for help in finding a church) who puts God first. Pray and ask God to show you where to go. Remember God has created us for relationships so at a church we can find out how to serve Him and help others who need Him too.

This great article written by Ray Comfort from Living Waters Publications will also help you in your new walk with Christ.

A great resource to start reading books, articles, and listening to sermons is monergism.com.  They have a great free resource page for Christians new and old that can be found here:  Monergism Christian resources

And remember if we can help you in any way please contact us.