The Gospel Message

The Gospel or Good News is about the person and work of the God man who happens to be the Son of God: the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures teach that our first parents Adam and Eve sinned, i.e. transgressed God’s law, in the Garden of Eden by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  This act caused them to receive the fruit of the seed of that tree which is unbelief which leads to lawlessness.

This lawless state became their nature and that is why they are called sinners since sin defines their inner nature.  As sinners all of their children and everyone born since then is born with their sin nature.  To be born with a sin nature means you are born separated from God and at enmity with Him.

The evidence of this is that we sin from within the depth of our souls  [i.e. worship other gods (idolatry), take God’s name in vain, lie, steal, are sexually lustful, covet, murder (even in our hearts and mind)].  Every sin committed pushes us further away from the living and true God and hardens our heart towards Him.

Something outside of ourselves had to happen to change our nature and therefore reconcile us to God.  That something was the sending of God’s Son into the world to shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins and to be raised from the dead so our souls can be born anew.

This means that by the forgiveness of our sins we are reconciled to God and being born anew means that our nature is no longer a sin nature but we are given a divine nature. This divine nature is God’s nature and is passed to us since He has become our Father.  Thus we are new creatures who long to know our God more intimately.

Understanding the depth of what transpires in this conversion takes time. If you are hungry to learn then study the Book of Romans and as a companion study Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones’ Commentary on Romans.


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