Daily Devotional 9-9-18

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But Gallio took no notice of these things. Acts 18:17 Gallio the indifferent! History tells us he was the brother of Seneca the philosopher, who exclaims, “O most sweet Gallio! Few men are so agreeable about anything as my brother Gallio is about everything!” Yet this amiable man lost a marvellous opportunity to hear the gospel from the lips of Paul, and perhaps lost his soul at last just because he was so unconcerned about eternal things that he did not consider them...

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Daily Devotional 9-8-18

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“Not much earth.” (Matt. 13:5.) SHALLOW! It would seem from the teaching of this parable that we have something to do with the soil. The fruitful seed fell into “good and honest hearts.” I suppose the shallow people are the soil without much earth—those who have no real purpose, are moved by a tender appeal, a good sermon, a pathetic melody, and at first it looks as if they would amount to something; but not much earth—no depth, no deep, honest purpose, no...

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Daily Devotional 9-7-18

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Man’s Problem Today Man today, as we know full well, not only believes he is being led by his mind , but he rejects God because of his mind and understanding. He laughs at religion, he laughs at those who denounce this worldly view of life. He lives for the present; it is the one thing that counts. And he believes that is a rational point of view to take. He proves it to his own satisfaction and is convinced that he is led by his mind. But he does not realize that the...

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Daily Devotional 9-6-18

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FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS volume 17, number 35, September 6, 2018 “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” -Acts 2:42 Four Necessities for Every Believer: 4) Praying the Word Preached James the apostle, in his letter to the twelve tribes who were disbursed abroad, was seeking to bring them back to the revival culture they had first experienced on the day of Pentecost,...

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Daily Devotional 9-5-18

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Word on Wednesday – by John Mason ‘Psalmody…’ – September 5, 2018 One of the striking features of Thomas Cranmer’s, Book of Common Prayer is the use of the Bible, and in particular the Songs of the Bible. At the heart of the orders of service for Morning and Evening Prayer is not just a pattern for the reading through the whole of the Bible in a year, but the reading aloud of the Psalms – and not just one Psalm. So important did he consider the reading of the...

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